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Zizi Marketing strives to be the Public Relations, Marketing and Communications provider of choice to each of its clients.

To establish two-way communications between Zizi Marketing and the client to ensure the dissemination of information and feedback from audiences are both equally important and recognized.
To assess and create a consumer or user demand and harness the client’s resources to meet that demand at a planned profit and with mutual benefit.
Building product awareness - to build a platform of awareness and acceptance from which specific sales and product promotions can be launched. Increase product awareness among the target audience.
Creating interest – inform target audience about features and benefits of client’s product/s and its competitive advantage leading to increased sales.
Providing Information – through articles, collateral materials, newsletters and websites, PR delivers information to customers that can help them gain understanding of the product.
Stimulating demand – decrease or remove client’s potential customers’ resistance to buying their product/s leading to an increase in demand.
Reinforcing the brand – to reinforce the brand by maintaining positive relationships with key audiences and thereby aiding in building a strong image. A strong image helps the company build its business and helps the company in times of crises.
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