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Media Relations and Publicity
Efforts to publicize products or the company to members of the press which include TV, radio, newspaper, magazine, newsletter and internet.

Internal Communication Systems
Creating a climate enabling management and employees of an organization to enjoy a two-way communication medium.

External Communication Systems
Exchanging of information and messages between an organization and other organizations, groups, or individuals outside its formal structure.

Marketing Communications
Activities such as advertising, personal selling, sales promotion and publicity.

Crises Management
Organizations must be prepared to handle enquiries from the media or other interested bodies arising from a variety of crisis situations.

Event Management
Each event undertaking on behalf of the client, ensures the programme planned conveys the correct message and image to the target audience.

Companies and brands use sponsorship to assist building goodwill and brand recognition by associating with an event or group.

Corporate Gifts and Promotional Items
Promotional items/products/corporate gifts are used in marketing and communication programmes bearing the company’s logo and slogan.

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